Music Notation And Composing Software suitable for musicians with less time to finish the work on big projects, composers, arrangers, orchestras and Big Bands

Octava - A Full Range Of Software For Writing Music Scores, Composing And Education

All windows versions:   XP, Vista and Windows 7 and 10 (32 and 64 bit) compatible!

With this trial version you can save your work and use the software withot any time limit!
As you add music to the full score, it appears in the relevant parts too! In fact, whatever you do to the score, Octava instantly updates the parts.

The only limitation is: you can not print until you buy the licence.        

Please note: The trial version is limited up to 4 staves and the composition tools are not included! To learn more about the Octava versions, klick here.

Obtiv Octava  was developed specifically for musicians, who want to get professional notation but have less time, to become familiar with complicated notation programs.
It is meant for musicians, who possess another score-writing software but have the feeling that they need too much time until they have the music on paper.  

Over 95 percent of the functions in Obtiv Octava operate in the same way. Consequently, the learning effort is kept to a minimum.

Octava supports all common ways of entering music:  
-computer keyboard
-mouse piano
-MIDI keyboard.

So, you can stay at your favorite way of entering music.

Obtiv Octava works out of a musical aspect. Quite immediately, whether you alter the time signature, or would like to shift a motive by one eighth forward, the music is always represented optimally (perfect spacing).

Obtiv Octava generates single parts from the full  score automatically (Dynamic Parts or Linked parts), no matter whether you work in the score or in a single part. The changes apply to all single parts as well as in the score. Also, you need not to take care about graphic details such as repetition brackets, rests, slurs or beams.

You can switch between "Concert pitch" and "Transposed pitch".

You can change between the both modes easily. Octava "knows" the properties of all instruments and shows you, if the voices exceed the range. Adjust the instrument ranges accordingly to the possibilities of your musicians. Insert staves or bars also in the middle of the score or delete them at arbitrary positions. Work with mouse or keyboard. Use the possibilities of the analysis. Octava recognizes the chords, chord-progressions and even modulations. Octava shows you immediately the diatonic or "out of scale" tunes (based on harmony).  

Would you like your own new "custom" notation symbols or graphical signs? No problem! Expand Octava with own signs and graphics with no limit!

For finding all the functions easily, Obtiv Octava is classified in musical categories. An inclusive keyword-search feature leads you to the related topic immediately, wherever you click for a help. You can devote to your music.  

ALL OCTAVA-VERSIONS offer you the above described possibillities.The only difference is the number off staves, which can be used. It increases from version Octava Light (SD4) with 4 staves to version Octava Professional with an unlimited number of staves.

If you want a moderately priced offer, you can think about version Octava SD10 ( with 10 staves ). It will serve you for the scores which you write most often. If you need a bit more, then the next choice is Octava SD25 (with 25 staves.) The next choice would be Octava SD36 (with 36 staves.)   If you need still more, Octava Professional with an unlimited number of staves stays at disposal.

If you need the additional functions of COMPOSING, you will have to choose between version Octava Composer TS5, Octava Composer TS10, up to version Octava Composer Professional. Futhermore, these versions offer you the above described possibilities, but with additional COMPOSING function, which give you all composing assistance you wish. The only difference is the number off staves, which can be used. It increases from version Octava Composer TS5 (with 5 staves), Octava Composer TS10 (with 10 staves) up to version Octava Composer with an unlimited number of staves.

Octava Composer Professional is the "flagship" among all Obtiv Octava versions. This version is entitled as the "most professional".
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