Music Notation And Composing Software suitable for musicians with less time to finish the work on big projects, composers, arrangers, orchestras and Big Bands

Terms And Conditions:

1. A software-licence becomes the property of the customer only with payment of the full sale price

2. After an order, the customer gets:

a) Invoice message in e-mail form as confirmation of order receivement

b) The software-licence (serial number) and a CD.

The package will be delivered after we received the payment

in value of the full price of software only.

VAT and shipping costs included!

If the CD should become damaged through the transportation, so the customer gets the software renewed over the internet.

3. If the customer has lost the CD , so the customer can get a new CD against shipping costs and designation of the licence-number until 2 years after ordering of the Octava music-software.

4. It is allowed to the customer to produce exactly one backup copy.

5. Before purchasing, the customer has the possibility to test Octava SD4 for arbitrary time. After receipt of the software-licence, return is no more possible.

6. A single licence refers to a single computer. A multiple-installation is tolerated by us only privately and only within a household.

7. The user is indebted to make backup copies of all important data in periodic time intervals on his own.


1. We don't overtake any liability for the contents of external links (references to foreign pages). For the content of the linked pages, their operator is exclusively responsible.

2. Our software products don't perform any alterations at the operating-system of a computer. It is overtaken no liability for files, soft and hardware damages caused through the utilization of our software and also not for damages, caused from viruses or from third party software.

3. We are not responsible for the content of external links.
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