The Tool Bar Category < Page >

Toolbar the category "Page" (here "registry tab" or category)< page > stays to the disposal:

Navigate to the Orchestration view

Define score-layout

Define single-voice-layout

Insert line (stave) or sub-line (strand)

Delete line (stave)

Line (stave) definition / voice assignment to the line (stave) in details:

  1. Distance to the upper line (stave or strand)

  1. Additional space under a special stave

  1. Number of note-lines per stave ( 5 lines for "standard staves", 1 line for percussion instrument and so on)

  1. Load definition of voice

  1. Line Indent

  1. Hide line(s) in the system

  1. Number of bars in this line (stave)

Insert Line-group as well as Insert main-line

Delete line-group

Define Main-lines and voice-group-properties

  1. Distance to the upper block (Instrument section)

  1. Instrument section brackets / bar line pass through (connect) or interrupt

  1. Stem direction alignment of the individual sub-voices (strands)

  1. Polyphonic voice-lines (staves with strands)

Brace inserts as well as delete

Define (set) the density of notes within a bar / line-gap inserts

Bar -statement, rest-summaries, rest-automation, rhytm-guitar-symbols (rhytm-guitar slash notation)

  Space before a note reduces / increases

  Space behind a note reduces / increases

  Beams: Split / Join

   Stem direction assignment Up / Down

  Move (shift) note to the left / Move (shift) note to the right

Enharmonic reinterpretation