Inserting Slurs And Ties

The button: you will find: Symbols Tool Bar registry tab <Articulation>.

Select (Mark) the area over which a slur should be drawn. Then click on the corresponding button.

The slurs (inserted by user and not tied slurs) are symbols and so are treated also like Symbols

To edit an already inserted slur: click on it with the right mouse button and choose "Edit Text/Symbol". To move or change the position of conrol access points, click on one of the  control-initial-points and drag it to  to desired position with the depressed left mouse button.

Click on the initial control point (one of the little black marking rectangles), move it up or down. Several little black marking rectangles appear now. You can move around initial control point and end-control point to change form of the slur.

Open the processing dialog (double click  - or click on it with the right mouse button and then choose "Edit Text/Symbols" - on the left initial control point to change the orientation: this means to tell Octava whether a slur is shown above or below.

To delete the slur, click on to the beginning of the slur and press "delete" key. Alternatively, you can do the same

by click with the right mouse button and choose "delete"

To bind a slur over more than two systems, mark the area on the first system from the note which the slur shall start from up till  the last note where the slur should end. Then, click on the beginning of the slur with the right mouse button and choose "Edit Symbol/Text". Next, click on "Edit Shape". Now, you can position the slur to any position of your choice. This is very useful for piano music from Debussy. We could call this like "cross staff slur"

Tip: Change slurs if possible at the end of a work since distances at formatting still can change.

Note: The tied notes which were not created through the key short cut Ctrl |+|U| or set by system, will be played back divided (separated, not tied)!

Note: the ties inserted by the system can not be moved, but is possible to change the orientation (above or below). If you want to change the orientation of such ties, set the cursor in front of the first tied note and then press "return" or "enter" key. Dialog box appear. On the bottom you can choose "tie manual down" or "tie manual above".

Manual inserted "opened  tie" (from one side open)

Open, one-sided tie must be inserted manually.

For example, if the second repetition bracket (secunda volta) contains a tied up note, one puts the cursor in front of this note (without block marking) and clicks on the button .